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Somewhere in the Middle Kingdom, a beautiful Chinese princess named Xiang is getting married on a hot summer, the Lotus month which is the 6th month of the Chinese lunar calendar. Xiang's blooming appearance inspired her parents to give her this fragrant name. More beautiful than ever, Xiang is all dressed in traditional clothes. Coming out of her apartments, she calmly walks towards the hall meeting the gazes of the guests and her soon-to-be-married lover.

This dreamy scent was inspired by the beauty of China's long-lived culture and all of its eye-catching visual arts. The Lotus flower represents the sixth month of the year in the Chinese calendar and it also announces summer. The lotus flower is a popular flower used at Chinese weddings.

Gongzhu means "princess" in Mandarin. The lotus flower is a symbol of beauty for the Chinese people.

Soothing is the best word to describe this romantic scent. The legendary scent of Lotus caresses your nose and a hint of lime is added to it. Chinese white pine and the clean aroma of bamboo are the clothes of the attar. Then, the soft Oud and the white musk of Arabia are its final touches, to seal the Arabic signature of our brand.


Head Notes: Lotus, Lime

Heart notes: Chinese White Pine, Bamboo

Base notes: Sweet Oud, Arabic White Musk