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Ambre du Monarque is a fragrance that embodies the essence of royalty. All monarchs, whether they exude a classic or extravagant style, whether they embody tradition or modernity, all share a common trait: a penchant for a truly prestigious perfume, with an unforgettable trail.

This exquisite elixir draws inspiration from the prestigious monarchies of the past and present, capturing their timeless grace and regal splendor. Ambre du Monarque bears witness to the grandeur and magnificence that define the realm of kings and queens.

As you gently inhale the essence of this fragrance, a symphony of luxurious notes envelops you. The tender embrace of the butterfly lily and the intoxicating sweetness of honey caress your senses, revealing an aura of elegance and sophistication.

Delve deeper into the fragrance, and the scent of supple leather blends with delicate citrus notes, while subtle whispers of caramel conjure up visions of royalty, capturing your imagination.

The last chapter of this olfactory journey reveals a bewitching blend of Ambergris, a rare and precious treasure, harmoniously blended with powerful Oud Cambodi. This captivating combination leaves a lasting impression, exuding an air of power, confidence and refined luxury.


Head Notes: Butterfly Lily, Honey

Heart notes: Leather, Light citrus fruits, Caramel hint

Base notes: Ambergris, Oud Cambodi