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Anthony Marmin House

THE NILE VALLEY (Limited Edition)

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How intriguing and mysterious is Egypt? Indeed this land is fascinating and has an incomparable history. The Nile is undoubtedly the starting point of civilization and holds a preponderant place there to this day.

This perfume draws its inspiration from Egypt, a country with a well-preserved heritage.

The Nile is the longest river in Africa and one of the longest rivers in the world. The Nile has been the lifeline of civilization in Egypt.

Our sensory journey begins with Egypt's national flower: the lotus. Incense notes recall trade routes of the past from Puntland to the Nile Valley. The spicy and earthy notes of Papyrus are accompanied by an elegant touch of rose and amber. Finally, the notes of damp earth evoke the Nile and the base of black musk recalls the spiritual side of the history of Egypt, from the time of Musa (Moses) and his adoptive mother Assia, the wife of Pharaoh, who accepted monotheism while her husband was the greatest tyrant of all time.

Head Notes: Lotus, Incense

Heart notes: Rose, Amber, Papyrus

Base notes: Wet Earth, Black Musk