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Anthony Marmin House

SHAIKHA PRELUDE (Limited Edition)

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Near her gilded bedside table, an Arabian princess adorns herself with rich and pleasant elixirs. It's a perfect habit with her. Everyone constantly asks her what precious perfume oil she wears all the time. Indeed, she always wears the most beautiful scents to enhance her dresses.

Shaikha Prelude is inspired by the Emirati culture in which elegance and tradition are at its roots.

Shaikha is a feminine given name meaning princess in Arabic. It is also considered a royal rank. A prelude is an introduction to something… Shaikha Prelude is a limited edition.

Purity might be the best word to describe Shaikha Prelude, based on clean white musk. Ambergris gives the luxurious style. The association of Vietnamese oud and Indonesian oud brings the strength of the perfume while remaining very soft to wear.


Head Notes: Arabian White Musk, Light Saffron

Heart notes: Oceanic Ambergris, Vanilla, Jasmine

Base notes: Light Oud, Amber