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Anthony Marmin House

ADDIS ABABA (Limited Edition)

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When you arrive in Ethiopia, you might be greeted by the smell of fruity coffee and earthy incense burning in the background. You will discover the joy of unique traditional fragrances combined in one aroma.

This perfume is inspired by the traditions of one of the oldest countries in Africa: Ethiopia. It is a multi-ethnic state with over 80 different ethnic groups. Ethiopians are known to enjoy their coffee while burning incense to flavor the air.

Addis Ababa is the capital and largest city of Ethiopia. Moreover, Addis Ababa means “new flower”.

When you smell this precious scent, you are greeted with a scent of leather followed by fresh lime and ground coffee. The aroma then continues with Ethiopian frankincense, ambergris and figs, giving you a traditional vibe. It then ends with the beautiful combination of vanilla, oud and beautiful sandalwood.


Head Notes: Leather, Lime, Ground Coffee 

Heart notes: Ethiopian incense, Ambergris, Figs

Base notes: Vanilla, Oud, Sandalwood