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Mukhallat Badawi is a dark and strong fragrance with a Middle Eastern flair.

When you look at the World with a Bedouin vision, you will see many treasures that the common man never sees...

When you cross the desert to find the best myrrh in Oman, you will enjoy a break under a palm tree. When you bring the most precious spices and agarwood from various parts of Asia to the Middle East, you will know their rarity and value.

Mukhallat Badawi is a pleasant sensory journey with a caravan of camels full of precious perfumes. He has a rather masculine style. Mukhallat means mixture and Badawi means Bedouin.

Head Notes: Tobacco Absolute, Patchouli from Indonesia

Heart notes: Persian Saffron, Dried Fruits, Oman Myrrh

Base notes: Palm Tree Trunk, Oud Cambodi