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Arab culture is deeply linked to Islamic traditions. Sheikh Al Arabi is inspired by a hadith.

Hadith refers to the statements, actions and tacit approvals that were reported by the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

And one of them reported that: “When Ibn Umar wanted fumigation, he would get it from aloe wood without mixing anything with it, or he would put camphor with aloe wood and then say: This This is how the Messenger of Allah ﷺ fumigated. » Sheikh Al Arabi's source of inspiration comes from this text.

We do not claim that there is any religious virtue in using it, we just did our best to create a noble fragrance to honor Arab culture and at the same time, Islamic tradition.

Head Notes: Camphor, Fresh Mint

Base notes: Notes Woody, Dried Fruits, Tree Bark

Heart notes: Smoked wood, Oud Cambodi, Oud Hindi